What I Wished I Knew When I Started Blogging ~ Advice from Meghan Tucker from The Tuckers Take Tennessee

30 Jun

How are you liking this series so far?

I’m learning so much from these great seasoned bloggers and hope you are too.



This week I’m featuring my dear friend, Meghan.  We met on Twitter {of course} and have become great ‘virtual friends’.  She has a great blog called The Tuckers Take Tennessee in which she describes in her post below.


Blogging advice in Meghan’s words …


It was in 2006 that I really started to hear more about blogging. But what was it? Who knew. A place for people to journal online? For the world to see their dirtiest of secrets? Eh, not for me. In 2008, that I really started to look deeper and start reading blogs. Okay, people didn’t air their dirty laundry out for the whole world to read (and those who did, I didn’t go back to their blogs). I was wrong. I began to love reading. Reading blogs began quite the hobby (uh-hum addiction) for me. 


Then my husband gave me the idea to keep a blog for all of our family in Florida. Ok, that sounded great. So, I posted a few pictures here and there and videos. But that didn’t last long. To me, it was boring. I wanted my blog to be more. And for the Florida family members, they all could see the pictures and updates on Facebook, so I ventured out of the “family blog” scene and entered into the “mommy blog” scene. 


There are SO many mommy bloggers out there. But how do I distinguish myself and make my blog different from every other blog? That was the question I wrestled with for a while. In May of 2009, my blog took on a face-lift. We had decided to homeschool, so that was a passion of mine. I also loved blogging about my faith as well as what it takes to make a Home a “home” and being the Home Engineer of my household.


There were many things that I wish I had known when I started blogging. 


*Start off with WordPress instead of Blogger. So much more user friendly and customizable. (And thats WordPress.org instead of WordPress.com)


*Have a set schedule. If you aren’t careful, blogging can take over your life. Set office hours for yourself. For me? I blog when my boys are taking their rests in the afternoons or at night once they have gone to bed. Don’t let your family suffer because you’re blogging all the time. 


*Find your niche. Don’t blog about everything under the sun. Find what you love, what you’re passionate about, what you feel you’re good at and go for it. You’ll be surprised at your success!


*Don’t jump at every opportunity. Be someone who can say “No” and find balance. Know what you can handle. I have learned to become very picky about what I share on my blog as well as who I represent. 


*Don’t spend a lot of money on your blog at first. Once it grows, you can venture into to more technical and pricey things for your site. Nothing worse than spending a lot of money on your blog and you get frustrated or don’t find the time to blog and all that money has gone down the drain. 


*Set goals for yourself. There is nothing wrong with succeeding. Set smaller goals on traffic, subscriptions, and once you hit those goals, reward yourself w/ a new blog design, a new button, or a pedicure. 🙂


These are just a few things I wish I had known or learned early on. Maybe just one of these things will help you figure out which direction to take your blog. 
Happy Blogging!


Meghan describes herself as: Christian, Homeschooling Mom of 2, Adoption Advocate, and Photographer Wanna-be. She enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, blogging, and social media. You can find her at The Tuckers Take TennesseeTwitter, and Facebook.  She is also the co-founder of  Hip Homeschool Moms.


Meghan has some pertinent points here, doesn’t she!  The one that I can completely identify with is which blogging platform to use first.  Yes, it’s free to use some platforms, however, you are very limited to what you can do with them as far as the look of them, etc.  You can easily run out of space if you post a lot of pictures {which I do and many of you do too, I’m sure}.  So, now I’m in the process of transferring everything over to my new blog … I could’ve saved a LOT of time just starting with wordpress.org in the FIRST place.  But, being a new blogger, I wanted something I could get right there and start up and I didn’t have the knowledge {and am still learning} to go with all the coding and getting a background I liked, etc, etc….  Okay, enough rambling from me….

What did you identify with in Meghan’s post?  Please let us know in the comments!!  We love to read your comments!!!


xo Tara


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